Mike Huckabee, Social Conservatism, and Hypocrisy in the GOP

Huckabee cc

Mike Huckabee recently threatened to leave the Republican Party if the GOP becomes more tolerant of gay marriage.

I say OK. Leave. I know a few people within the party who will happily hold the door for you and will carry your bags.

Where are you going to go though Mike?

Actually I don’t care.

If the GOP wants to move forward, if it wants to win, it needs to focus on rolling back government. It needs to actually BE a party of small government. That’s government at all levels. If the Republicans want to build a party for the 21st Century, one that is relevant, and speaks to people this is what must be done. Reduce government so that the private sector can expand and create jobs, and solve problems. It must be a forward thinking party.

If Huck wants to get hung up on gay marriage when the stakes are as high as they are right now for our country the GOP would be wise to just let him go.

Honestly would anyone care?

(From Reason.com)

The Republican Party has consistently described itself as the party of “liberty,” “freedom,” and “limited government,” but many Republicans also, in complete contradiction, have supported the notion that the government should be defining what marriage, perhaps the most personal and intimate institution in society, ought to look like. How can a party espouse freedom on the one hand and absolute control on the other?

Unlike other laws that prevent widely agreed-upon immoral behaviors, such as theft  and violence, laws that limit homosexual relationships do not aim to limit harm to third parties. If two people decide they want to privately enter into an agreement with one another, the government should stay out of the way and let people pursue happiness through freedom and without intrusion. The government should exist to promote liberty, not hinder it.

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