National Review: Something Is Rotten in the State (Commonwealth) of Virginia

seal of VA ccSeriously, I am disappointed by both the former governor and the current one. Not surprised but disappointed.

Where there’s politics there’s shadiness but we’ve gotten a good dose lately in The Old Dominion, my home. And our legislature only meets for 2 months. You’d think that would keep things in check a bit but nope.

(From The National Review)

Americans are accustomed to wrongdoing in Chicago and Louisiana, and to such an extent that leaders in those places make the news these days if they do not end up disgraced or incarcerated. But now that the Old Dominion has been invaded by New Washington, one has to wonder whether Virginia, too, will join the ranks of the permanently iniquitous. It was, after all, only one month ago that Republican Bob McDonnell was found guilty of eleven counts of corruption, having taken more than $165,000 worth of gifts and loans from a businessman who wanted his company promoted. Now the mansion at Capitol Square is in the spotlight again. Per a report in the Washington Post, Governor Terry McAuliffe’s chief of staff, Paul Reagan, has been caught in a brazen and illegal attempt to induce a state senator to delay his retirement — an attempt that Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey suggestsconvincingly simply had to have come from the top. In June, the Post reports, Reagan “left a voice-mail message for a Democrat who was on the verge of quitting the General Assembly . . . saying that the senator’s daughter might get a top state job if he stayed to support the governor’s push to expand Medicaid.” Initially, McAuliffe’s spokesman denied the charge. But, having been “read a transcript of Reagan’s message,” the point was swiftly conceded. Conveniently enough, federal investigators were already on the scene in Richmond, the Democratic party having previously accused Republicans of playing a similar game. Time will tell which charges stick, but, if the Post’s Aaron Blake is to be believed, “McAuliffe’s got problems.”

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This is what happens when one hires a Clinton guy and it’s also what happens when government employees invade from Maryland.

Perhaps Richmond has truly, finally, fallen.