Northeast loses 40% of House seats as people flee high-tax states

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I mean what’s not to love about the Northeast? It’s crowded. It’s cold. It’s polluted. In many parts it’s flat out corrupt. It’s over taxed and over regulated. And in my experience folks just aren’t that nice to one another. (At least where it’s crowded.)

Now I will make important exceptions. The coast of Maine is nice. I had a friend from there. New Hampshire is the “Live Free or Die” state. One has to love that. And Buffalo gave us buffalo wings, which is a serious cultural achievement. Oh, and Philly cheese steaks. Those are good too.

Other than that? Well, let’s just say that long summers, lower property taxes, and barbecue just suit me better.

Looks like they suit a lot of people better. Not that I want all of New York state to migrate south of the Mason-Dixon Line, but it’s not like the old days. You CAN move. Just leave the big government at home please.

(From The Washington Examiner)

Critics blame rising taxes in states such as Massachusetts and Connecticut for limiting population growth in the Northeast to just 15 percent from 1983 to 2013, while the rest of the nation grew more than 41 percent.

The biggest impact comes in the loss of congressional representation.

Deep in a recent report, for example, the American Legislative Exchange Council tabulated how the drop in population relative to the rest of the nation cut the region’s power in Washington. While the states from Pennsylvania to Maine had 141 House members in 1950, they are down to 85 today, a drop of some 40 percent.

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