Pentagon Says It’s Ready for Audit After Years of Delays

This place is hemorrhaging tax dollars and has for decades. Your money.
This place is hemorrhaging tax dollars and has for decades. Your money.

Well that’s great. The question is how useful will this audit actually be, and how truthful? In the 3 years since the birth of this site we have chronicled plenty of examples of waste in the military. It is PERVASIVE. The level of waste speaks frankly to a culture of accounting negligence at the Pentagon which is perhaps only rivaled by the chicanery at the Federal Reserve. Heads (and many many heads at all levels) should have rolled long ago. But, because a large portion of the American people have given the US military a pass on waste (Republicans) nothing has been done for decades – really ever.

Here’s hoping this audit will actually do some good and by some miracle introduce some accounting accountability to the military. But we’re not holding our breath.

Remember, the military is some of the biggest government there is and should be considered as such. In this country our military should be small, lean, but capable. Right now it is far too large, bloated, and less nimble than it should be.


“This year we will transition most of the department from preparation and practice to audit execution and will dramatically increase the percentage of the department’s funding subject to audit,” Urban said.

DeGennaro dismissed that in an e-mail as “more of the same old broken promises, missed deadlines, moved goal posts and fuzzy math that have resulted in DoD being 20 years past the deadline in law.”

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