Remarkable Video: USMC General gives it to us straight on Ebola in contrast to the White House (Think mass migration from Central America)

“There is no way we can keep Ebola in West Africa…If Ebola breaks out in Haiti or Central America…mass migration of Central Americans into the United States.”

Kelly_John_F,_USMC cc

The White House is trying to tell everyone that everything’s cool. That Ebola is nothing to worry about. But one gets the sense that we are not getting anything close to the whole truth. At least I get that sense. A shock of course given how open this administration has been in the past.

Perhaps I’m wrong. I hope I am wrong.

But check out this video of what USMC General John Kelly, Commander of Southern Command no less, has to say on the issue of containing Ebola. As the reporter says, it stands in stark contrast to what is coming out of Washington officially.

I fear that the administration at this point is just trying to manipulate the “animal spirits” of the American people. It’s trying to buy time. If the White House can convince at least a significant portion of the population that all is well then, at least for a time, the knock on effects can be avoided. After that it’s “hope for the best.”

I believe that now is not the time for secrecy. I believe that now is the time to level with the American people even if it hurts the president politically – which is a major factor here. Communication lines must be open. Information must flow. It is our best bet for beating this thing. The stakes are too high.

Like it or not the Ebola outbreak might end up being bigger than the government, and that means we are all going to have to pay attention.

As we said before, secrecy now could spell disaster later. Now is no time for panic (it never is) but it certainly is time for close attention. Time to be smart. We need information.