Rise of the New Libertarians: Meet Britain’s Next Political Generation

union jack ccUKIP is not a libertarian party but it does have deep and serious libertarianish tendencies. In the wake of the Purple Party’s historic win in Parliament comes this interesting bit of analysis of the political disposition of Britain’s youngest voters.

The piece is particularly interesting because the libertarian revolution in Britain is a couple of years behind the USA and also because there seems to be a particularly British version of mainstream libertarianism emerging. One which is particular and peculiar to a country which has long associated itself with real live socialism.

(From The International Business Times)

“It’s not the whole manifesto approach where you’ve got to buy into some things you may not necessarily agree with. That doesn’t fit with a generation used to tailoring.”

The internet and new social technologies, and the fluidity and flexibility they bring, have shaped this change. It’s easy for a generation used to Twitter and Facebook to cluster around a single campaign, send it viral and use the groundswell of publicity and support to strong-arm politicians.

It’s not so easy to join a party, work your way up and, if your original views survive untarnished by all the boot-licking and compromise just to get ahead, bring about change from the inside. You’d be fed in as a pork chop, minced up with the party’s offal, and funnelled out an unpleasant sausage.

And today’s young people have been through the global financial crisis. Though this event was billed by many leftists as a catastrophic failure of neo-liberalism, prophesied by Karl Marx, which would drive young people towards the left-wing, it seems to have done the opposite.

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