Same as the old boss? New VA Governor’s Chief of Staff leaves an interesting voice mail

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One of the things I’ve always liked about my beloved Commonwealth of Virginia is that in relative terms the state wasn’t terribly corrupt. Sure it had its issues but it wasn’t New York, Illinois, or Louisiana. However between Governor McDonnell and his convictions and now this little political gem I’m really starting to wonder.

Of course we are talking about the office of Terry McAuliffe, former head of the DNC and Clinton confidant. Perhaps we should just settle in for more of this sort of thing.

(From The Washington Post)

The following is the transcript of a voicemail that Paul Reagan, Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s chief of staff, left on Democrat Phillip A. Puckett’s cell phone in the days leading up to Puckett’s resignation from the state Senate in June:

“Hey Senator. This is Paul Reagan again. I just wanted to bounce one idea off you. I know there was a lot of frustration with your daughter, not, you know, getting a judgeship or something. if there’s something that we can do for her, I mean, you know, we have a couple of big agencies here that we still need agency heads. We could potentially, potentially, subject to approval of the governor and so forth, you know, the department of mines, minerals and energy could be available.