Scarborough: After VA, IRS, Secret Service Crises, Nobody Believes White House on Ebola (Video)

And that’s about right.

Forgive me for sounding partisan here, and anyone who reads us knows that we give the GOP a hard time all the time, but the Dems are afraid that their clocks are about to get cleaned. The White House is afraid that it is losing white women, the demographic which has kept Obama (barely) alive.The Democrats are panicking not the American people. I think the American people are concerned about Ebola but cautious.

I pray that everything will be fine. I pray that this horrible microscopic beast goes away forever and we don’t ever have to see it again. I pray that we go to the polls on election day and in the back of our minds we think – wow that Ebola thing was insane, glad that’s not an issue. But it was just last weekend that the World Health Organization doubled its “worse case scenario” from 500,000 to 1,000,000 casualties.* And the infection numbers just continue to grow.

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Do I think the news is hyping things for ratings? Yes. Do I think Ebola is a legitimate threat? Hell yes. Do I think the White House would lie to us about Ebola for political reasons? Absolutely. Do I think that is dangerous for the country (and beyond)? You better believe it.

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*Make that 1.4 million.