Student activist kicked off college for asking if “big government sucks?”

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It does. I thought everyone knew that already. 

This is right up there with the kid in Hawaii who was told by campus cops he couldn’t hand out copies of the Constitution.

Back in Florida 3 days ago the cops didn’t like that Lauren Cooley strayed from the “free speech zone.” So they gave her a hard time.

I was unaware that Broward College was not in the United States.

(From The College Fix)

Lauren Cooley, a 22-year-old field coordinator for Turning Point USA, was at the public university as it hosted a gubernatorial debate between Charlie Crist and Rick Scott.

She spent nearly 90 minutes there asking students “Hey, do you think big government sucks?” as she worked to find students interested in signing a petition to launch a Turning Point student club on campus, she said in an interview with The College Fix.

Turning Point USA is a national nonprofit aimed at galvanizing students to rally for liberty, small government and free-market values, and is pushing a 10-week “Big Government Sucks” campus activism program this fall.

As Cooley was leaving the Davie, Florida campus she saw a male student and asked him if he thought big government sucked, and at that point she was told by a campus security guard that she needed to go to the “free-speech area,” she said in an interview Friday with The College Fix.

She told him free-speech zones are unconstitutional, and she eventually started to walk away when the security guard said “if you just want to hang around I have a supervisor coming,” a four-minute video taken by Cooley shows.

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