Taxi Association President Compares UberX To ISIS Terrorists

Philly ccThis is almost as bad as the taxi association guy in Chicago who threatened to out local gay alderman if they voted to let Uber operate within the city.

The taxi guys (not the drivers for the most part) are used to getting their way. They are used to cozy relationships with city halls all across America. What they aren’t used to is market pressure to increase the value of their service for their customers. Now, after years of neglect the taxi guys are complaining. Sorry guys.

And something occurred to me the other day as I walked along the streets of Downtown Washington DC. If I was a black guy I would be an even bigger fan of ridesharing companies. How frustrating must it be to have cab drivers continually pass you by because you are black? With Uber and Lyft this issue is solved. The driver knows who you are before he or she picks you up. The driver (presumably) can see your payment history. They have committed to giving you a ride beforehand and so there is no on the curb discrimination. If the driver for some reason doesn’t treat you well you can rate that driver and it will impact their business.

That’s a market baby.

The taxi companies have got to get with it. Either step up to the game or get out of the game. Comparing Uber to ISIS doesn’t exactly show a sane and rational approach to the situation.

(From The Business Insider)

“I try to equate this illegal operation of UberX as a terroristic act like ISIS invading the Middle East,” said Friedman. “It is exactly the same menace.”

“Exactly the same menace?” OK. Clearly a reasonable and levelheaded argument.

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