Teacher union lobbyists are substitute teachers for 1 day, Collect nearly $1 million in teacher pensions

Chicago_bw cc2 teacher union lobbyists pulled this off in Illinois (surprise).

How is this not a criminal offense? This is just blatant theft from the taxpayers of Illinois.

The pensions for Illinois teachers can be ridiculously expensive and they need to be reformed in a big way but at  least most of the people collecting the pensions showed up for work for a few years.

I’m getting pretty sick of “The Chicago Way.” It’s terrible.

(From Forbes.com)

A couple of weeks ago, we spotted Preckwinkle and Piccioli within a long list of 30 state retirees from the Illinois Federation of Teachers (private sector teachers union).  Sure enough, in 2014, Piccioli is receiving $30,564 and Preckwinkle $37,416 pensions (click here for their life expectancy pension payouts of nearly $1 million each). The experience was a bit overwhelming, even for our seasoned team of forensic investigators.

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