The crony casino move against online gambling

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Gambling is not a particularly good thing. But it is something which millions, if not billions of people enjoy responsibly. Many of those people go to casinos now. The casinos however are afraid that if gambling is legalized online in the USA many of those customers will never again walk through casino doors. As such the gambling industry has mounted an anti-online gambling campaign in Congress.

But the tack the casinos have taken is just insulting. Their argument is that online gambling will increase moral depravity and encourage the vice. The CASINOS are making this case.

(From The Hill)

When powerful gaming interest are spearheading the fight to ban online gambling, it should give you pause.  Their main policy objective is focused on federal legislation to ban online gambling outright – stifling their competition before it ever reaches the market. It is a glimpse of crony capitalism in its most naked form, and represents a very troubling assault on Internet freedom, giving government a foot in the door for a broader regulatory regime and usurping our federalist system.

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