The Crony Love Affair Between North Carolina, Credit Suisse and Erskine Bowles

North Carolina post card cc

Our state employee pension systems are chock full of crony capitalism. They are often overly generous, but they are also big fat pools of money from which the politically connected can siphon enormous fees. The whole racket is paid for by the taxpayer of course.

(From Liberty Blitzkrieg)

In North Carolina, managing the retirement savings of teachers, police officers, firefighters and other public employees is big business. As the sole fiduciary of the state’s $90 billion pension fund, Treasurer Cowell, a Democrat, was recently named the world’s 18th most important institutional investor by the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute. The State Employees Association of North Carolina (Seanc) estimates that North Carolina is on track to spend a billion dollars a year of retirees’ pension money on fees to private financial firms. Roughly half of all North Carolina pension deals involve placement agents, and Seanc estimates that has generated roughly $180 million in placement agent fees — costs that are effectively paid by the pension fund, according to critics.

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