Top GOPers, including a Cheney, are behind a new pro-Obamaphone ad campaign

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Don’t call them RINOs. That is, Republicans In Name Only. They are Republicans and this unfortunately is the sort of thing many Republicans do. You know, the folks who hate the Tea Party generally and would happily raise taxes if they got the chance. For them politics is a business. Principles? Principles are for the hicks outside of the Beltway.

Sure Rove and company will attack the Obamaphone program when it suits them, but when it comes down to it they will gladly turn around and support the program for their corporate clients. Both McConnell and Boehner are in this camp and we should remember this.

Good job Examiner on this.

Mary Cheney and prominent Republican consultants linked to Karl Rove, Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee are working to expand or protect the Obamaphone entitlement program, apparently on behalf of the telecom companies that make millions on it.

A secretive front group called Prepaid Wireless Users of America was formed several weeks ago to launch a massive pro-Obamaphone advertising campaign in the D.C. broadcast market.

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