WARREN BUFFETT: ‘Hillary Is Going To Win … I Will Bet Money On It’

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And he has.

The bazzillionare and one time king of crony capitalism (he may yet regain his crown from Carlos Slim) is usually right. He has excellent information and excellent instincts. Bet against him with caution. He has a long track record of success.

He is wagering that the popular Clinton narrative holds.

The American population, with a motivated female vote will vote for Hillary because she is a woman. The GOP will nominate a white male candidate and the Dems will paint the GOP as uncool. The people who care about “uncool” will then vote for Hillary. Hillary wins. 8 more years of war and expanded statism.

However, Buffett isn’t always right and frankly so much is in the mix politically right now, and things are changing so quickly, the presidential race might actually be a situation where he hedges quietly. All he said is he was betting on Hillary. He didn’t say whether he was also betting on someone else.

I actually think that’s the smartest bet. Hillary to win and to show. Rand to win and show. Christie to show. Then the money can be made somewhere in the margins.

Of course Buffett has enough money and influence to move the lines too.This is what he’s trying to do here. He knows that this past summer hammered Hillary who presumably is licking her wounds right now. Buffett’s early endorsement gives her a couple of points. But it is interesting that he’s doing it now and not later when a couple of points is much more meaningful.

(From The Business Insider)

Buffett said, “Hillary is going to run.” Furthermore, he added that he’s positive she will make it to the White House.

“Hillary is going to win,” Buffett said, adding, “I will bet money on it, I don’t do that easily.”

Buffett was less willing to predict who might run against Clinton.

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