Who spent the most on lobbyists this quarter? The top 20

K Street

This list comes to us from Politico. Plenty to chew on.

Here are the top twenty lobbying spenders in the third quarter, in order: U.S. Chamber ($28.4 million); National Association of Realtors ($18 million); U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform ($9.1 million): General Electric ($5.3 million); Boeing ($4.4 million); CVS Health ($4.3 million); NAM ($4.3 million); American Hospital Association ($4.3 million); American Medical Association ($4.2 million); Comcast Corporation ($4.2 million); Koch Companies Public Sector ($4 million); the National Association of Broadcasters ($4 million); Google ($4 million); National Cable and Telecommunications Association ($3.8 million); PhRMA ($3.7 million); United Technologies ($3.6 million); Lockheed Martin ($3.4 million); AT&T Services ($3.5 million); American Chemistry Council ($3.2 million); Occidental Petroleum ($3.2 million)

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