Obamacare Architect: “The stupidity of the American voter” is why Obamacare passed (Video)

Gruber cc

This video is from a recent talk done at the University of Pennsylvania by Jonathan Gruber, the so called architect of Obamacare.

Guess what? The policy guys didn’t really know what was in the healthcare law and that was by design. Why? Because it created all kinds of places for people to hide before the ACA passed. As Gruber explains in the attached video, if the Obamacare taxes had actually been called “taxes” the bill would have never passed. If people had actually been told how much their premiums were going to go up (and just you wait, the next few years are going to be brutal if this abomination isn’t rolled back) Obamacare would never have been passed.

Watch this short clip and just take in the arrogance of this fellow. Just feel the contempt he has for the people he’s supposedly helping with Obamacare. He knew he was going to hurt a large swathe of the country, but he didn’t give a damn. Those people, mostly middle class suburbanites, probably deserved it for their backward bourgeois ways anyway. Screw those people.

This fellow represents a very dangerous type of person in government. The guy who is convinced that he can engineer the world and that representative democracy, never mind a republic, is just a pain in the ass anyway. My polisci department was populated with guys like this. You KNOW Gruber had a Che poster in his dorm room. (So did I at one point. We put it on the refrigerator door as a reminder that even poor college students ate way better than practically anyone in the communist world.)

Nice that he hooked up the insurance companies, and big PhARMA, though. Glad all the unions got waivers. Glad those folks got sweetheart deals.

You know why YOU didn’t get a sweetheart deal Mr. and Mrs. American? Because you are stupid. Right Mr. Gruber?

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