Rand Paul’s coming war with the Neocons: “I think I just heard Ronald Reagan speaking,” -Grover Norquist

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Oh, I think this is on the money. All hell is going to break loose on foreign policy in the GOP as we get closer to 2016. Anyone who is studying political science right now in school is just going to have a blast over the next couple of years as this is slugged out. Grab the popcorn.

I am almost giddy.

(From VICE)

If Paul is looking for a fight, he’s going to find one. The neocon wing of the GOP is in the midst of a resurgence thanks to public discontent over Obama’s handling of foreign policy. All the new Republican senators elected in 2014 embrace more hawkish positions than Paul, which means that the neocon caucus will have a clear majority when the GOP takes control of the upper chamber next year. “The cavalry is coming over the hill!” South Carolina hawk Lindsey Graham gleefully told Jennifer Rubin, the Washington Post‘s resident neocon. That leaves Paul as a lone voice of dissent as the Senate grapples with questions like whether to send combat troops in to fight against the Islamic State, whether to keep troops in Afghanistan, and whether to approve a possible nuclear agreement with Iran. Since returning for the lame-duck last week, Paul has already said he will vote against the ​NSA​ reform package currently being considered in the Senate, in part because it extends the Patriot Act until 2017.

Seriously how terrible is Lindsey Graham?

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