The New York Times likes Jeb Bush, Just like Chris Matthews likes Jeb Bush

I wonder why they “like” the Republican so much?

Just think, if Jeb were president with Boehner in the House and McConnell in the Senate wouldn’t that be great? Statist Republican wishywashies holding America’s hand all the way to Hell. The 3 Amigos. What fun we’ll have.

Of course that’s not really what The Times or Matthews want of course. They just want someone the Dems can beat.

Rand Paul zigs when the establishment press zags. In contrast to the completely conventional Bush, the media has a hard time drawing a bead on Rand. The media know that Rand could completely screw up the 2016 election dynamic. (For them.) If the junior Paul was to get the nomination his candidacy wouldn’t fit into the Right/Left narrative the establishment is desperate to perpetuate. The Times and MSNBC fear Rand and that’s why they are getting all cuddly with Bush right now.

The only other person they’d like to see with the GOP nomination more than Bush would be Ted Cruz, but for different reasons.

(From NewsBusters)

Saturday’s front-page report by Jonathan Martin on Jeb Bush, “Looking to ’16, Another Bush Stakes Out the Middle Ground,” marks the latest New York Times profile to flatter the moderate Republican, at least in comparison to those “hard-line” right-wing conservatives (though they still find Jeb “deeply conservative” on taxes and abortion.)

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