20 things which have disappeared since the onset of the ‘Great Recession’

20. “Compassionate conservatism”

19. Perceived online privacy (We just didn’t know.)

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18. Detroit

17. High deductible, low cost health insurance plans

16. Foreign energy dependence (It’s not all bad.)

15. Good music (With the exception of Sturgill Simpson. Don’t watch the video if you are offended by country boys using bad language.)

14 Anything resembling honest banking

13. Circuit City

12. Borders

11. Middle class 401k plans with much in them.

10. Being able to pay after one has pumped one’s gas.

9. New McMansion farms

8. Ridiculous realtor billboards

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7. The show Trading Spaces (This may have returned.)

6. Home equity loans

5. Home equity

4. Getting a good entry level job without 2 masters degrees

3. Coal

2. “Fat” Bill Clinton (He was never that fat to be fair.)

Clinton eating c                    c

1. Alan Greenspan