Andrew Cuomo Rebukes Teachers Unions: ‘Don’t Say You Represent the Students’

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When the Democrats start calling out the teacher’s unions there may be just the slightest, tiniest, ray of hope for students.

Cuomo, who we are often critical of, is right on the money with this one.

(From Reason)

“If (the public) understood what was happening with education to their children, there would be an outrage in this city,” Cuomo said. “I’m telling you, they would take City Hall down brick by brick.

“It’s only because it’s complicated that people don’t get it.”

Cuomo referred to the teacher unions and the entrenched education establishment as an “industry” that is more interested in protecting the rights of its members than improving the system for the kids it is supposed to be serving.

“Somewhere along the way, I believe we flipped the purpose of this,” Cuomo said. “This was never a teacher employment program and this was never an industry to hire superintendents and teachers”

Maybe it’s rants like this from the head of the United Federation of Teachers Michael Mulgrew who says he wants to punch opponents of Common Core in the face which have finally irritated even the Dems enough that they’ve had enough.

There are more parents of students than there are unionized teachers.

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