Authoritarian, Anti-Free Speech Politicians Pose for Staged Photo Op in Paris

Remember the “march” of political leaders in Paris a couple of days ago. Hollande, Merkle, and the rest marching in solidarity with each other and the people of France against the terrorist attacks at Charlie Hedbo?

This is the image which we all saw.

march c                                c

This is what it looked like from a wider angle however.

march leaders cc

I suppose we shouldn’t expect a group heads of state like this to expose themselves to the general public all at one time. But to try to pass it off like these guys were arm and arm with “the people” in the street is not kosher.

Add that many of the leaders marching in this group are by no means champions of press freedom or expression generally and one is left with a bit of a sour taste.

(From Liberty Blitzkrieg)

The only part of that sad scene to be celebrated is the fact that a pigeon went ahead and took a shit on French President François Hollande as he embraced Patrick Pelloux, a doctor and columnist at Charlie Hebdo. 

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