Bob Dylan: ‘Government’s Not Going to Create Jobs,’ People Have to Do It

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Bob Dylan is a personal favorite of mine and to be clear he’s not making some anarcho-capitalist statement here. He isn’t openly advocating a libertarian economic stance. It’s just common sense coming from an old man who has seen a whole lot of life, made a whole lot of money, and who has made his way observing the human condition.

Seems a reasonable position for the guy who once had a radical Marxist terrorist group name themselves after one of his lyrics and who once sang an ode to Woody Guthrie.

Times have indeed changed.

Perhaps the key point here is that Mr. Dylan recognizes the general futility of government. The inefficiency. Any artist worth his or her guitar strings should be able to see that.

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Here’s a song from the early part of Mr. Dylan’s career where he clearly took issue with government “created” jobs.