Casino magnate Adelson meets privately with Congressional GOP in effort to revive online gambling ban

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Adelson gives huge money to GOP candidates. He is head of Las Vegas Sands, a brick and mortar casino (and corporation). He wants to make sure people keep coming to his casino. Online gambling threatens his casino. As such he is trying to enlist GOP members of Congress in an effort to keep people from gambling at home.

Adelson says it’s a moral thing. That online gambling increases access for kids etc. But this is a guy who has made hundreds of millions from people losing at his casino. He is just trying to shut out the competition.

(From Town Hall)

The Adelson bill has repeatedly been condemned, as an assault on the 10th Amendment for it would outlaw state legalization of gambling within their borders, which strikes at the federal system of state sovereignty in all matters not specifically assigned to the national government.

If leadership attempts to force passage of the bill, it will put Goodlatte’s principled stand in support of the Constitution in direct conflict with one of the GOP’s biggest donors.

The battle over internet gambling, if it was being played out in a city hall or state house, would be a simple matter of power politics. Big donor and his big ask.

But now, Adelson’s effort to outlaw his online competitor tamper with the constitutionally relationship between the states and the national government on a higher plane..

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