Clintons insisted on more control over HBO propaganda film than Scorsese was willing to give

Scorsese cc

It’s not like Martin Scorsese was going to come out and hammer the Clintons or anything in the HBO (super “liberal”) produced documentary. Even still, Hillary didn’t trust the old director. She wanted control over questions asked in the movie and it sounds like editorial veto.

The project has been “shelved.”

(From Hot Air)

So what happened? It’s still just speculation at this point, but it’s not a stretch to say that there is a seriously incestuous relationship between Hollywood and the Democrat party. They are frequently in bed together, both literally and figuratively. This means that Hollywood gets a lot of say as to what goes on in the DNC by virtue of all the money they kick in, but at the same time they don’t want to tick off the top Democrats either. (You must keep up appearances for the public, and squabbling such as this is unseemly.) If the Clintons pushed back hard enough, it’s not unimaginable that HBO and/or Scorsese would would back down.

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