Cuomo’s “liberal” party is as dead as he is: “The Democratic Party is now dominated by another wonder in its intellectual evolution, the crony capitalist.”

Mario Cuomo NY Governor 1987

There once was a certain breed of American lefty with which I grew up which now seems extinct, or very nearly so.

The Great American Liberal.

Liberalus Americanus used to roam the plains of Washington DC in great numbers. As wrong as I thought they were on just about everything this subspecies of Politicalus Hackium Americanus had an appeal of a kind. Carter, Moynahan, Cuomo, folks like this. They numbered in the thousands. Where did this kind of Democrat go?

You could say a lot of things about The Great American Liberal but one, for the most part, could not call them corporatists. The Dem Party now however is defined by corporatism.*

No wonder Ralph Nader doesn’t get invited to any of the proper Georgetown parties these days.

(From The American Spectator)

In this instance they were accurate. Cuomo, an old-time liberal, really was dead. Moreover, there are not many more old-time liberals to send off to their reward. The Democratic Party is now dominated by another wonder in its intellectual evolution, the crony capitalist. He, she, or it is far to the left of yesteryear’s liberals. They sound like President Barack Obama orating in Roanoke, Virginia in 2012: “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.” And his former secretary of state Hillary Clinton offering her variation on the same statist theme: “Don’t let anybody tell you that, you know, it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.”

These are the beliefs of crony capitalists, politicians who believe that there are banks and other corporations that are too big to fail. So they shovel money to them in return for favors. They endow environmental friendly companies like Solyndra and ECOtality with government largess. By the time these boondoggles have failed the crony capitalist has moved on to other swindles under the rubric of helping the environment, ameliorating poverty, or a dozen other urgent causes.

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* Yes the GOP too. But we’re talking about “liberals” here.