de Rugy: What We’re Fighting For and Why

derugy cc

Why care about liberty, crony capitalism, and free enterprise? Why not just go with the flow? Why not just be happy with Boehner and his ilk? Why fight an ideological battle? It’s so messy.

Here’s why.

(From The National Review)

The battle of ideas is a long war. Where would education reform be if Milton Friedman hadn’t started fighting for school choice back in 1955, just because everyone thought he was nuts? Where would we be if Ronald Coase had given up on his idea to auction off radio spectrum, when he was asked in 1959 by the FCC commissioner if his proposal was a joke? Where would we be if Friedrich Hayek and a few other free-market advocates hadn’t met in Switzerland to launch the Mont Pelerin Society in 1947 in order to fight for freedom at a time when all seemed lost?

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