DeBlasio admin says: No vacation unless cops start busting people again

Deblazio cops cc

As we have said before, in the ongoing battle between the mayor of New York and that city’s police force there’s ugliness on all sides. But DeBlasio’s got to get it together. You can’t have it both ways. You either suck up to the cops and they generate the revenue you want, or you don’t and the revenue goes away but the people in the city aren’t overpoliced. One or the other.

The latter option is the most reasonable of course, but Deblasio like any good politician wants the money the cops bring in. But he wants it on his terms. The mayor wants the cops to capitulate. Good luck with that.

(From Breitbart)

Said one union source, according to the New York Post, “Police officers around the city are now threatened with transfers, no vacation time and sick time unless they write summonses.”

Ironically, it was some of this very type of activity that has led NYPD critics to label them part of the problem, not the solution. At the same time, the slow down in issuing summonses is said to be impacting city revenue.

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*Note: DeBlasio raised money for the communist Sandinistas in the 1980s and, no kidding, honeymooned in Cuba. 

Look, I think the New York cops have lots and lots and lots to answer for. But given DeBlasio’s background is it any surprise that the police don’t trust him?