Fans ask – “Is the NFL fixed?”

Cowboys tat cc

I stopped watching the NFL a long time ago. I grew up with football. I like football. I still watch college football. But the NFL long ago lost its shine for me.

On this however I have been an outlier. Over the past 15 years the NFL has only grown more popular even while the “non profit organization” has become ever more slick and more crony. (Taxpayers shouldn’t be paying for stadiums.)

Even still I’ve always assumed, and still do, that the league’s integrity was solid. It seems that aside from boxing (which has paid dearly for its corruption in terms of declining public interest) the lesson of the 1919 “Black Sox” scandal was for the most part learned and has been remembered in the US. If the public thinks games are crooked fans won’t watch (and perhaps more importantly won’t bet.)

But there is now a bit of a kerfuffle over the Lions/Cowboys game of last week. Some fans, many fans, are asking if the league is rigged.

I very much doubt that it is, but the NFL is so full of itself I also wouldn’t be surprised.

I prefer curling. No there’s a sport.

(From The Daily Paul)

After the now infamous highly publicized and controversial “picked up flag” on a suspiciously reversed ‘pass interference’ call in Sunday night’s NFL playoffs matchup between the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys, football fans all over the country are questioning the validity of the product on the field. And after a season of controversy poorly handled by league management, a never before seen number of NFL fans are openly stating their belief the league is fixed. Social media trends are showing an explosion of fans are also expressing an overall displeasure with the quality of officiating, and trust in league management.

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