Hospital group pushes Texas Gov. Abbott to expand Medicaid

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Now why on earth would a big hospital trade group be pushing for an expansion of Medicaid in Texas?

Oh, that’s right. The big fat revenue stream of taxpayer dollars. That’s right. Silly me.

(From The Washington Examiner)

John Davidson of the Texas Public Policy Center calls this push “a concerted effort by the hospitals underway to seek a Medicaid expansion waiver without calling it that.”

John Hawkins of the Texas Hospital Association disagrees. “I guess it’s a question of language, but this isn’t what we would call a Medicaid expansion.”

Others in the industry have been more direct. “We should be maximizing available federal funds through the Medicaid program,” Joel Allison, CEO of Baylor Scott & White Health System said in the days after the election, endorsing the Institute of Health Care Quality and Efficiency’s recommendation to expand Medicaid.

Baylor Scott & White operates hospitals throughout the state. The chairman of the company’s board, Drayton McLane, was Abbott’s most visible donor, giving him $350,000.

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