How The Affordable Care Act Forced Me To Become Uninsured

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We have long railed against Obamacare as a vehicle of crony capitalism, as a cynical political play, as an unfair burden for small business, but stories like the one attached really put the situation into focus.

(From Forbes)

This is the story of how a professional health economist, who knows all ins and outs of health insurance, ended up becoming involuntarily uninsured as a direct result of the Affordable Care Act…

…For the first time in my life, I and my family were uninsured, and unable to obtain health coverage anywhere at any price.

In early December, an intending-to-be-helpful person at the Marketplace called me and offered to get the insurance company on the phone with me at the same time, to see if they could sort all this out. She did so, and in a conference call between the insurance company and the government, both sides agreed that (a) the insurance company could not enroll me without receiving my information from the government, (b) the insurance company could not accept a premium payment prior to enrolling me, (c) the insurance company had not received the information despite the fact that (d) the government had sent it, and (e) none of them could figure out what had gone wrong, and (f) none of them had the authority to fix it.

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