Libertarians Are Taking Over The Republican Party

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We could have told you that 3 years ago. Oh wait, we did.

This is good news. As much love as I have for the Libertarian Party the rules instituted by the GOP and Democrats together to shut out 3rd parties make a 3rd party assault extremely, extremely difficult. The cronies have long conspired against expanding the political conversation. And they’ve been effective.

That’s why the more freedom oriented caucus within the GOP has been taking the fight to the primaries. The libertarians, mostly younger and highly motivated, have forced the big government Republicans out of the bushes and into the light of voter scrutiny.

Instead of setting a squishy Republican against a solidly statist Democrat, the game is now about setting the liberty oriented candidates against squishy Republicans. Voters have seen often that the contrast is greater between the libertarians and the old GOPers than the old GOPers and the Democrats.

Though I wouldn’t call David Brat a libertarian, that was the dynamic in the Eric Cantor upset.

Times are changing. Let’s just hope they change fast enough.

( From The Daily Caller)

According to McCotter, the shift isn’t just political and generational. It’s mainly cultural. “The 21st century doesn’t operate top down,” he said. “You wouldn’t let someone else program your iPod. Why let a top-down bureaucracy choose your health care?” The consumer-driven, highly personalized economy will eventually have an impact on a bureaucracy mostly designed in the distant past. He quotes Andrew Breitbart as saying, “Politics is downstream from culture.”

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