Our Corporatist President: Obama gives a shout out to crony companies in SOTU speech

crony collage

Obama knows in the end who butters his bread. Obama loves him some corporations and he gave a nod to a few last night. But in the State of the Union Address the president failed to mention many of the other companies which have shown him favor and which his administration has smiled upon.


Goldman Sachs





The casinos

All sorts of hedge funds



Berkshire Hathaway

The health insurance companies

The pharmaceutical companies

Big Media


The Hollywood studios


ADM and Monsanto

Just to name a few.

Obama shouldn’t be so modest. He’s one heck of a crony.

(From Politico)

As far as free PR goes, it doesn’t get much better: Six companies got a shout-out from President Barack Obama during his State of the Union address Tuesday night. And, as it happens, all but one is a big spender in the Washington influence game.

Obama mentioned Google, eBay, Tesla, Instagram, CVS and United Parcel Service during the hourlong speech, which was viewed by millions of Americans. Based on Federal Election Commission reports, lobbying disclosures and data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics, here’s a look at the companies’ D.C. profiles.

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