Police union boss Patrick Lynch tells NYPD cops to make more arrests — but not too many


Revenues are down apparently. And you don’t want people thinking that they are actually overpoliced or anything. That could be bad for job security.

The situation in New York with the police has spun out in all sorts of directions. The Mayor acting badly. The cops acting badly. And of course the assassination of 2 police officers.

There aren’t any good guys here. Just dysfunction and ugliness. That’s New York.

I love the city but anything which is “official” in the Big Apple should be avoided.

(From The New York Daily News)

The head of the city’s powerful police union has told rank-and-file officers to go back to issuing tickets, summonses and making low-level arrests — but not too zealously, the Daily News has learned.

Patrolmens Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch told union trustees to spread the word, a source said Thursday.

“He said they should go back to at least 50% of what they used to do,” the police source said.

A second source said the directive was in response to a promise by Chief of Department James O’Neill to start cracking the whip if cops continued with the slowdown, apparently under pressure from his boss, Commissioner Bill Bratton.

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