Poll: For first time ever voters say “the government” is the biggest problem in America

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America is not Europe. We are a country founded by individualists, scoundrels, dreamers, and doers. We do not have the aristocratic legacy of the Old World with its stifling worldview and distinct class system within an ever present welfare state. We are a free people. This country was an escape from Europe. This country is a free land. This freedom is ingrained in our DNA. It is what makes an American an American, no matter that American’s ethnicity. We are bound by an idea not geography or ancestry. America is indeed exceptional in that regard.

This unique American nature is reflected in this recent poll. As the state has encroached more and more into our lives in recent years, and as Americans have educated themselves on the Constitution and liberty generally over the last few years, the ignorance which simply allowed the state to expand without check has diminished. People (at least some people) are waking up.

A significant minority of the citizenry no longer blindly follows the dictates of whatever wing of the Government Party happens to be in charge. There is a reason why people increasingly identify as “independent.” People don’t trust their leaders. People feel alienated from their government. People feel that the country has taken a serious turn for the worse. (And no it’s not all Obama. Bush and his administration laid the foundation – sorry Republicans – for the current president. Remember it was Dick Cheney who explained to us that “deficits don’t matter.”)

13 years of war. A struggling economy. Increased crony capitalism. A president who appears to hold much of the country in contempt. The NSA spying on citizens. Obamacare.

Yeah, we took a wrong turn alright.

(From IBD)

Confirming the 2014 election zeitgeist, a new Gallup poll finds that Americans are fed up with ever-encroaching, corrupt and incompetent government, as represented by ObamaCare and other federal policies.

For the first time since Gallup has conducted polling, people say that the “biggest problem” in America is “the government.” It topped all other categories, including terrorism. “2014 was the first year ever in Gallup records that dissatisfaction with government topped the list,” the 80-year-old firm said. “Government includes dissatisfaction with President Obama.”

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