Report from The Progressive Farmer: Obamacare inflicting serious pain on small time farms

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Most farming in this country is done by massive agribusiness conglomerates. But there are still a few small farmers out there. There may be fewer however once Obamacare really takes hold.

Below is yet another example of how red tape and over regulation push small businesses over the edge while large businesses benefit from the increased complexity and cost of regs. In the medium run the big guys gain market share and keep upstart innovators in check. All thanks to government “solutions.”

(From The Progressive Farmer)

What really annoys farm wife and part-time farm employee Julie Taylor is that while leading agricultural CPA firms now advise clients to avoid $36,500-per-year-per-employee fines under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), she hasn’t heard a peep from the U.S. government on what constitutes the infraction. There’s little clear guidance on the Internet, and much confusing and conflicting information from professional tax advisers, attorneys and fringe-benefit plan administrators in farm country…

…”I consult a CPA, but not weekly. How is a small business owner supposed to keep up if they publish guidelines in November retroactive to the beginning of the year?” Taylor asked. She was scrambling this week trying to work with her advisers to come up with affordable and compliant health care policies.

I’m going to guess that Monsanto isn’t too worried about Obamacare compliance.

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