The Atlantic: Liberals and the Illiberal Left (What to do about Left-fascism?)

These guys were good "liberals" who knew how to stand up for what was right.
These guys were good “liberals” who knew how to stand up for what was right.

This is an excellent short essay which I think anyone interested in politics will find value in reading. But I think it is particularly valuable for our liberal readers. (And It’s from David Frum of all people. Generally I am really not a fan.)

There is a fascist element in your ranks. The “illiberal liberals.” The Left-fascists. The political correctness brigade. The anti-intellectual bullies obsessed with perceived oppression and hierarchy. Liberals need to stand up to this narrow minded red guard.

The Left-fascists have come to dominate academia and the media mostly because real (modern) liberals have let them take over.

Stand up to them liberals, those of you who know that the Enlightenment was a wonderful thing and that Huckleberry Finn is a book every American child should read even if it has the “n word” in its pages. Stand up and fight back. The Left-fascists have little going for them other than intimidation. They stand on a pile of pseudo-intellectual excrement.

Trust me. Bullies back down when you give them a shot in the teeth.

(From The Atlantic)

The Marxist left has always dismissed liberalism’s commitment to protecting the rights of its political opponents — you know, the old line often misattributed to Voltaire, “I disapprove of what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it” — as hopelessly naïve. If you maintain equal political rights for the oppressive capitalists and their proletarian victims, this will simply keep in place society’s unequal power relations. Why respect the rights of the class whose power you’re trying to smash? And so, according to Marxist thinking, your political rights depend entirely on what class you belong to. The modern far left has borrowed the Marxist critique of liberalism and substituted race and gender identities for economic ones…

…As Chait notes, political correctness is a weapon deployed by leftists against liberals. Its political effect in the larger political context is to make liberals look hesitant and weak. The inability to say “no” to transgender activists at a graduate school may not matter much in the scheme of things. But the Obama administration’s unwillingness to stand alongside the people of France at a march to condemn the Charlie Hebdo massacre does matter. The refusal to pronounce the phrase “Islamist terrorism” matters. Acquiescence to bureaucrats who order universities to suspend due process for male students accused of rape matters.

I should also note that I consider myself a classical liberal. I believe in the Enlightenment. I believe in liberty and self actualization. I believe in the right of every man or woman to find his or her own destiny. I think there are still bits and pieces of this tradition to be found (every once in a while) even in modern “liberalism.”

But the Left-fascists are no friend to classical or modern “liberal.” The Left-fascists embody thought death. Which if allowed to flourish will create real death. Smart people Left/Right/other have an obligation to stand up to this bull.

Should we really be taking societal direction from career sociology students at Columbia? Let’s get real here.

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