The United States already is the largest single-payer health provider in the Western world, and the system is failing

The train wreck continues to pile up.
The train wreck continues to pile up.

Word coming down the anecdotal (and now non-anecdotal) grapevine is that Obamacare is a developing nightmare. No one knows how it’s going to work in the long run, or the short run for that matter. There seems to be pain at every level. From the patients who have no idea what they are covered for, what a deductible is etc., to doctors who are increasingly just dropping out and retiring, things are not going well. Billing is more difficult. Compliance is more difficult. Margins are being squeezed. Quality of care is going down. All while liability risk is increasing. A bouillabaisse of dysfunction.

And if you are on Medicaid, which is where many people who go through the Obamacare  exchanges end up, your options are rapidly diminishing for treatment. But you’re “covered” I guess.

The further we go from free markets and free prices in healthcare the worse this thing is going to get. (It should be noted that large insurance companies are not particularly interested in free markets or free prices.) It started in the 1960s when the Feds got involved and it’s been a steady trajectory down. Now that trajectory is being accelerated by the half-assed social planning regime we call Obamacare.

How many times must the world see that central planning destroys good things before we correct our ways? Why do we do this over and over? How can humanity be this collectively dim? Or as Jonathan Gruber the “architect” of Obamacare says, so “stupid”?

(From CNBC)

The result is simple: more and more doctors are simply not accepting Medicaid patients and/or dropping the ones they already have.

And before you call those doctors greedy or evil, consider the alternative: Most private-practice doctors literally care for Medicaid patients at a personal financial loss. Do that too much and you start not being able to practice at all, and that will hurt everyone…

…Now hold your horses, all you progressives clamoring for a “single payer” health-care system! I know you think this and all the other Obamacare failings are proof that single payer is the only answer.

But the truth is, this Medicaid debacle should be a stark warning to any of us who still think single payer can work.

Because, my friends, when you consider the more than 130 million people currently “covered” by Medicaid and Medicare combined, the United States already is the largest single-payer health provider in the Western world.

How’s that working for you?

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Truly, Obamacare looks to be Obama’s Iraq. Nice legacy dude.