The brand new “melting” buildings in Afghanistan which we paid for

Nothing like moving into a brand new, freshly built facility.
Nothing like moving into a freshly built facility.

It basically sounds like the contractor put the shooting range together with mud, cardboard, and spit.

Now multiply this example by 100000 and one can get a sense of the black hole Afghanistan has been for the US taxpayer.

Here is the report from the Inspector General.

(From The Washington Examiner)

Afghan government officials were forced to scrap a costly training facility built on the Pentagon’s dime after its walls “melted” and the site became too dangerous to use.

The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction had unusually harsh words for the failed project, calling it “not only an embarrassment” but “a waste of U.S. taxpayers’ money,” given the fact that Afghans had to tear down the Defense Department contractors’ work and rebuild it themselves.

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