The US Chamber goes into bi-partisan crony mode, gets friendly with the Democrats

U.S._Chamber_of_Commerce_building cc

Late last year we asked if the Democratic party really wanted to become THE corporatist party. Well, the Dems have a new friend in DC, the good ole’ US Chamber of Commerce.

An increasing number in the GOP (really the Tea Party) have become critical of crony capitalism and now see corporate welfare for what it is – welfare – very expensive welfare. As such Tom Donahue, head of the Chamber, is looking for new allies in new places. The other side of the aisle.

Donahue doesn’t want the corporate gravy train to stop. Indeed his whole purpose is to make sure more taxpayer money goes to the big businesses he represents. Gone are the days (if they ever existed) of the Chamber as advocate of economic freedom and deregulation, of free enterprise. Now it’s all about getting regulations written in your favor. And Dems know a thing or two about regulations.

Here’s a prediction. If Rand Paul, you know the free market guy, gets the Republican nomination the Chamber throws significant weight to Hillary. 

(From Breitbart)

Earlier this year, the Chamber made it clear it has no interest in helping those advocating a genuinely more conservative approach to governing in Washington, with competence having little to do with it. The competence card appears to be little more than window dressing used to sell its pro-establishment, big government agenda. Any notion that the Chamber was reliably Republican was dispelled when it took its ball and went home after losing in last year’s Georgia primary.

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