Washington Post: The Boehner for speaker whip count (Will he survive?)

Boehner cc

Opponents of Boehner for Speaker appear to be halfway there. But the vote is tomorrow.

I think it’s amazing given the contempt for the American voter (and taxpayer) Mr. Boehner has shown that more Republicans in the House have not stepped up to oppose the guy.

But it sounds like people are making phones ring in Congressional offices right now in an effort to sway their representatives to the anti-Boehner side. So who knows, maybe the voters will take out another giant. They sent Cantor to the woodshed.

But this is a public ballot one must remember. Voting against Boehner could be very costly. Say goodbye to that potential chairmanship if the Speaker holds on Mr. or Mrs. Congressperson.

You can find your representative’s phone number HERE.

Click here for the current whip count. (It’s probably expanded in recent hours.)