We need a renaissance of liberty in this country and a restoration of the Constitution

Patrick Henry c                    c

We need to break from the old 20th Century statism which has bloomed as the baby boomers have gotten into positions of power. We need a renaissance of liberty in the universities, in the media, in our schools, in our home life. And like most big social movements it will have to come from the bottom up. (And it has been.)

There is little interest in the official circles of government,  academia, or the media in a resurgence of liberal (in the classical sense) thinking. Statism and soft totalitarianism have served them well. They are after all the people in power.

And sadly this political class has done a good job of convincing many everyday people that they simply can’t survive without the state taking care of them. Though the political class never says it openly there is the presumption that most people are little better than animals. That is why everyday people dress the way they do. Have the jobs they do. Eat the terrible unhealthy food that they eat. Waste their time doing what they do.

Liberty, you see only works (and they would never say that it “works”) in theory for smart people. You, you the great unwashed? You can barely put food in your mouth. Best to let the government do it for you. It’s for your own good. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Oh little serf, these ideals will only cause you frustration. Focus instead on doing what you are told. You’ll be much happier.

But what about, “Give me liberty or give me death!”

Remember that quote? In many parts of the country Patrick Henry’s words are likely not even taught anymore.

But these 7 words encapsulate what is supposed to make this country special.

Indeed, the question posed by Henry is – is life as a serf or even human cattle better than life as a free man or woman? Is it better to exist in servitude but with a relatively full belly or is it better to live as a free man or woman without the farmer providing food and protection (and exploiting one via taxes?).

Many people in the United States don’t even see that there is an option. They have become conditioned to think that gross violations of Constitutional and natural law are acceptable.  For instance that manipulated interest rates are just the way it is. That the taxation of income isn’t essentially the political class harvesting a crop. That speech codes are reasonable. That presidents ruling by fiat via orders and memoranda is OK. That war without a declaration from Congress isn’t a crime. That the government spying on them without a warrant also isn’t a crime.

Fundamentally many have been conditioned to believe that people don’t truly own their own lives and that people exist and continue to exist at the pleasure of the state and not the other way around.

It is a sad state of affairs but it need not remain so.

If we the people want to better our lot we must again embrace liberty. We must again embrace freedom. We must renew our commitment as a society. And we must make tough choices and in some cases make people angry. The people who benefit from a massive state aren’t just going to go away quietly. They like the system as it is. They are going to complain every step of the way. This includes the political class and also people who have come to rely on the state for their survival. (The latter group must be helped in a transition back to a freer economy and society.)

Right now the inertia is with the state, but it has been reduced in recent years as people have become more informed. We have a chance to save our society, and there is legitimate hope that it can be done. But it will take working harder and being smarter than the establishment statists. If we want a rebirth of freedom in this country we are going to have to make it happen. Most importantly the folks who don’t do politics for a living are going to have to make it happen. Once the general public gets on board broadly it will be very hard to stop the renaissance and the Restoration of the Constitution.

Out in the open
They ain’t gonna hide
Police state upon us
Prepare to collide

They’re gonna keep you down
step on your neck
Can’t move no more
The weapon of their choosing
is censorship and war
And I can see the line up now
Everyone one is just partisan
You see one side claims victory
But it’s just a zero sum

Liberty and Freedom
In quotations spray painted on the wall
Verbalized explosion
we will come back some day

If your ideas are suspect
Now your in contempt
Report to the committee
No one is exempt
And the zealots and crusaders
They can’t justify with threats
and intimidation
Designed to terrify

Liberty and Freedom
In quotations spray painted on the wall
Verbalized explosion
we will come back some day