Why not just elect the head of the Chamber of Commerce Speaker of the House at this point?

If only the "spirit of free enterprise" was what today's Chamber was about.
If only the “spirit of free enterprise” was what today’s Chamber was about.

Well, there are some logistical issues to deal with, but why not expose who’s calling Boehner’s tune so that the world can see?

In this blistering essay, James Lucas at The American Thinker says that it’s time to take on the Chamber of Commerce, an organization which he says has no interest in smaller government and little respect for voters.

(From The American Thinker)

So as long as Tom Donohue is the real power behind the Washington GOP establishment, why not just make it official and elect him speaker of the House?  According to both the Constitution and the House rules, the speaker does not have to be a member of Congress.  Therefore, votes for him would not be ruled out of order.  And voting for him would send a powerful message to the American people.  Politics is about communicating, and sometimes the dramatic gesture can communicate far more powerfully than the most detailed disquisition.

A vote for Tom Donohue would send a very public and powerful symbolic message to the American people that true conservatives know that K Street lobbyists, not the people, run the Congress.  A vote for Tom Donohue would tell the American people that only true conservatives are willing to stand up and tell the truth about the cesspool that their capital has become.  A vote for Tom Donohue would expose Boehner’s puppet-master and make it more awkward for him to continue to dance to Donohue’s crony capitalist music.  And since immigration is the issue of the day, a vote for Tom Donohue would highlight the fact that it is the Democrats who are backing Donohue’s crony capitalist plan to flood the U.S. with low-skilled labor, even as the Democrats hypocritically bemoan low wages.

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