‘Amnesty Bonuses’ in Tax Code: Illegal Immigrants to Receive Earned Income Tax Credit

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As we have noted before we are generally pro-immigration.

I personally think Lawrence Reed the head of FEE has figured the whole issue out when he says;

“A free market entrepreneur is everything the typical government official is not: innovative, resourceful, competitive, focused on customers, careful with money, mindful of the long-term and passionate about adding value. My idea of immigration reform is to welcome every productive entrepreneur from wherever he or she may come, and deport all the government officials we can to wherever they want to go”

That seems a reasonable position to me.

Saying that, giving 3 years worth of earned income tax credits to illegal immigrants, perhaps as much as $24,000, is just stupid.

(From The Weekly Standard)

The significance of this change, Ms. O’Connor noted, is that having a Social Security Number will allow individuals to get federal benefits that were previously unavailable. In particular, it could allow millions of people to receive a tax benefit known as the Earned Income Tax Credit, or EITC. Under the law, families with low to moderate incomes can get an EITC cash payment as high as $6,143, but only if they have a Social Security Number.

For some people, the total amount could go even higher. This is because under EITC rules, anyone eligible for the program can also ask for payments to cover the three prior years as well. This means that an illegal alien with a new Social Security Number can get a payment of more than $24,000 for years they were working illegally. On top of this, Ms. O’Connor noted, families could also get thousands more in payments through the Additional Child Tax Credit program. This means a family with three or more children might collect even more than $24,000.

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