Cabs Strike In Chicago Against Uber; Uber Drivers Presumably Report Uptick In Business

Chicab cc

Sorry Chicago cabbies but times change. Looks like the threat to out gay alderman who voted to let Uber operate in the city didn’t work. Now the cab drivers have resorted to driving around honking their horns in protest. Seems it would be wiser to instead focus on raising the quality of their service.

(From TechDirt)

“We’ll be sitting at a hotel for two, three hours; and all of a sudden you see three UberX cabs just came and picked up customers while we’re just sitting there. How is that fair? That’s not fair to a cab driver,” cab driver Mustafa Husein said.


Forgive me, sir, but who the hell ever promised you fairness when it comes to competing in a changing business marketplace? The very nature of disruptive business models are to be “unfair” to the legacy models so as to build a more efficient product and happier customers. That’s the entire point. I’m fairly certain nobody promised cabbies a living, after all. So honk away, guys. I’m sure Uber drivers are happy to pick up those fares you refuse.

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