Clinton cronies already at each others throats over fundraising spoils

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There’s so much money to be had around Hillary Clinton’s fundraising that the cronies are stabbing each other in the back to get at it. But David Brock, founder of the propaganda unit Media Matters  knows the deal. He’s been in the mix for a very long time and he shouldn’t be complaining.

I’m sure he’ll find another way to make a buck or 10 million around the 2016 presidential race.

(From Bloomberg)

David Brock, a political operative who helps marshall fundraising efforts on behalf of Hillary Clinton, resigned from the board of the super PAC Priorities USA Action on Monday, Politico reported, in a further sign of a widening rift between the groups hoping to steer the former secretary of state to victory in the 2016 presidential election.

In a resignation letter sent to former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and former Obama campaign manager Jim Messina, who are co-chairs of Priorities’ board, Brock said that a “serious breach of trust between organizations that are supposed to work together toward common ends has created an untenable situation that leaves me no choice but to resign my position.”

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