Congressman Elijah Cummings shills for entitled federal workforce. (They need a bigger raise he says.)

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One of my personal pet peeves – as they say – is when the suburban DC congresspeople start telling the US taxpayers that the federal workers which populate their districts need more money. It irritates me even more when these same members talk about how federal workers make less than those in the private sector.

That is simply not true as the below graph exhibits.

federal private workers

Add a pension which is paid for by the taxpayers, which adjusts for inflation, for life. And that essentially as a federal employee one can never, and I mean never, be fired.

To a very large degree the federal employee system is, if not a scam (there are people who do real work), an area primed for significant layoffs. Every other city in America got hammered in the recession, maybe the Feds should share some of the pain. They certainly shouldn’t be asking for a raise. We need to be cutting government not expanding it, and the DC federal workers have been fat and happy for too long.

I know I lived among them for 20 years.

(From CNS News)

The Maryland Democrat also told union members that getting federal workers a raise higher than the one proposed in President Obama’s budget is among his priorities.

“So what are my priorities? What’s my reason for being here?” Cummings said. “My ardent priority is to do whatever I can to help federal workers obtain fair compensation and meaningful pay raises.”

“President Obama’s budget for the next year recommends a 1.3% pay raise for federal employees I believe this is to low. I love the president but I believe this is far too low, far too low.”

“That’s why I co-sponsored with Representative (Gerry) Connelly (D-Va.) theFAIR Act.  Which would raise pay up to 3.8% – even that’s too low.”

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*It should be noted that whenever I write about the need to cut federal employees at least a couple of said employees insist that they are worth every dime they are paid. I am sure such people exist but I do not believe they are the norm.

I believe that most of the feds who complain just have no idea what it’s like to work in the real world and to deal with the insecurity many Americans, many taxpayers, live with. Most Americans CAN be fired for incompetence. In the federal workforce incompetence is compounded and grows. (And we still have to pay for it.)