Crony capitalism and Marxist generals (In Cuba)

Castro Mad cc

There is a good case to be made for the normalization of relations with Cuba. It will open up the country and potentially hasten the demise of the current regime. Alternatively we could be handing the Castros a lifeline and entrenching a system of cronyism which will only get more entrenched once American dollars pour in.

I just wish we could have done this after Fidel kicked the bucket.

(From The Miami Herald)

Americans who use Cuban golf courses will meanwhile be dealing with a state entity called CubaGolf. It belongs to the Palmares holding company, which in turn is owned by the Interior Ministry. The ministry runs the repressive state security apparatus that keeps millions of Cubans in fear.

Lobbyists, of course, will make a killing. Large corporations like Cargill are poised to spend millions of dollars lobbying Congress to drop the embargo. One thing this will accomplish is to force U.S. taxpayers to subsidize their exports via the Export-Import Bank, the federal agency that “facilitates” U.S. exports by doling out loans and loan guarantees.

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