Dem Rep. Keith Ellison: ‘I’ve Often Asked Myself Why You Should Have to Register to Vote’

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Yeah, why should one have to register to vote? I mean it’s such a burden. Why should anyone make any effort whatsoever? Why should people only be able to vote once either?

If we are going to do this voting thing at all I think registering is OK. Heck, I think a picture ID is perfectly reasonable. On the other hand I think there is a good case for checking out all together. Just not a GOOD ENOUGH case.

(From Mediaite)

Pointing to unnamed other countries with laxer restrictions, Ellison asked, “Why should voting be so difficult? Tuesday? Who thought that up? I mean the fact is, is that there’s wide variation in when people can vote. You can’t necessarily register to vote on Election Day.”

He added: “I’ve often asked myself why you should have to register to vote. Why shouldn’t it be automatic?”

Automatic for whom and how?

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