Diabetic Blogger Beats Gag Order For “Unlicensed Nutritional Advice”

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Don’t say the wrong thing or the license police will be after you. Don’t share your experiences or your life hacks. Don’t try to help people with their problems. Leave that to the professionals.

You know, the people who have paid their tribute to the state and industry.

(From Lions of Liberty)

In a story that is somewhat surprising, yet also wholly par-for-the-course where crony capitalism and the pharmaceutical industry are concerned, the state of North Carolina had issued a gag order against the “Diabetes Warrior,” Steve Cooksey.

Cooksey is a type-2 diabetic who had gotten free of insulin and other medications from sticking to a strict low-carb “paleo” style diet. He blogged often about his routine, advocating from his direct experience, and drew a fairly large following. And that was enough to draw the ire of the NC’s Board of Dietetics and Nutrition (NCBDN).

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